Fully Compatible

SmartTrash can monitor any type of trash compactor, as well as balers, augur compactors, precrushers and compactors with integrated bin or cart lifters. Basically, if you've got it, we work with it.

Unmatched Information

SmartTrash collects more data on compator operations than any other system: energy usage, cycle time, number of runs, pickup times. It records, analyzes and helps you save money and time.

Smarter Than Humans

SmartTrash is more than just data, it's smart. It processes the data it collects through a series of highly sophisticated analytical and algorithmic tools to determine the optimal time to empty the machine. You're welcome.

Built-in Reliability

SmartTrash makes scheduling pickups easy by communicating with the hauler, issuing POs for pickups, closing out service orders and confirming that pickups actually took place.

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The more SmartTrash® learns,
the more efficient, effective and profitable it becomes.

By installing the SmartTrash monitor and optimizing compactor pickups without causing “pack-outs” or unnecessary hauls, expensive transportation costs can be saved. SmartTrash offers a simple and reliable solution which has been proven to save our customers a minimum of 25% on their waste disposal and recycling expenditure.

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Why Customers Choose SmartTrash

Saving time, money and energy. Go ahead, pick three. Customers love how SmartTrash drives real, meaurable benefits.

Pays for Itself

We maintain competitive pricing, and SmartTrash actually saves you money!

Our Service is Unmatched

We go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with our service and products.

Ever-Evolving Technology

SmartTrash is continually being developed to bring you the latest capabilities leveraged across a wide spectrum of installed customers. Plus, we offer API connectivity which allows customers' business systems to interface directly with SmartTrash.

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive suite of customized downloadable reports, including Usage Activity, Dates & Weights, and Environmental & Financial Savings.

Smart Time Saving 

SmartTrash will take care of requests directly with your service provider freeing you up to do other things associated with your job.


Building a Cleaner Environment - Fewer trips equates to less traffic, fuel & CO2.

Check out this brief animation about what SmartTrash does.

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success story

Big Pharma enjoying Big Savings on waste disposal costs

A multinational San Francisco Bay Area pharmaceutical company has just enjoyed a 44.04% reduction in its monthly waste disposal costs. All 15 of its compactors – both standard ram and augur types – experienced reduced pickups and increased load densities. And, along with the financial savings, these efficiencies contributed to the company’s sustainability goals by reducing CO2 emissions by 286 lb. in one month.

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Made Smart
with SmartTrash

It's time to add some "smarts" to your compactors, chutes, and balers by installing SmartTrash.
SmartTrash allows users to retrofit a wide variety of trash management equipment and make them internet-enabled.
It's time to start saving time, money, and energy!

Get Smart