FAQs about SmartTrash

What is SmartTrash?

SmartTrash provides a fully automated compactor management system. It is designed to reduce compactor pickups and assist in monitoring waste and recycling. The result is lower costs and a reduced impact on the environment.

How does SmartTrash work?

SmartTrash® measures how hard the compactor is working in order to track how full the compactor is. Once the SmartTrash monitor is connected, it communicates with SmartTrash system via the cloud to allow users to wirelessly track the fullness of the compactors.

What are the products you offer?

The two primary SmartTrash products are the RCH Monitor and the MicroRCH Monitor. Both products provide all SmartTrash services. The difference between the products are the RCH Monitor is bigger in size and allows the users to have add on extra features (e.g. Haul Sensor, RFID System, Scale System, etc.).

What are the two services you offer ?

The two services we offer are Standard Service and Full Service. With Full Service, SmartTrash handles all the account management (e.g. scheduling pickups, inputting weights, providing saving reports, etc.) while the Standard Service hands over the management portion to you. Even if you pick the Standard Service, SmartTrash will always be here to help with technical support.

What are the costs?

Most compactors only require a MicroRCH Monitor and an ongoing standard service fee. The standard service fee includes all data transmission costs, unlimited software application access and an extended warranty on the hardware. There is an optional installation fee if the user would like SmartTrash to complete the installation.

Who will be completing the installation of the SmartTrash monitors?

Depending on the user's preference, SmartTrash can be installed by:

  • A third-party installer (someone with compactor experience) The end-user's own technician SmartTrash's authorized installer
NOTE: The installation shouldn't take any more than 1 hour.

How do I request a virtual demo and get a list of case studies to see real-life examples?

You can request for a virtual demo and a list of case studies/references by filling out the Contact form here.

Does the SmartTrash monitor work on all compactors?

Yes. SmartTrash's monitors work on all compactors all over the world, no matter what the machine voltage is or whether it's a Standard hydraulic machine or an auger compactor.

Does SmartTrash have a referral program?

Yes, we do and there is a $100 bonus. For more information, please contact us at save@smarttrash.com.