Fully-automated SmartTrash® System

The days of being wasteful with waste management are over.

SmartTrash provides a fully automated compactor management system. After it is installed and calibrated, SmartTrash does all the rest: determining the optimal time to empty the compactor, communicating with the waste hauler and other stakeholders, issuing POs for pickups and finally closing out the order after the pickup has been completed. Fullness monitoring (or waste monitoring) is as easy as opening up your app.

SmartTrash Base Station
  • Communication
  • Calibration
  • Creation
  • Confirmation

  • Communication from anywhere

    SmartTrash monitors can communicate from anywhere with wireless cellular data service (LTE, GSM, CDMA, HSPA) even when the compactors are located three floors underground in a concrete garage, the SmartTrash® monitors stay “in touch” 24 hours per day.

  • Calibrating the "smarts"

    Along with physically installing the SmartTrash monitors, SmartTrash technicians also install the “smarts” calibrating the system to the compactor’s unique performance signatures, setting up the decision-making processes and integrating all critical contacts for the waste hauler and client.

  • Creating the optimal time to pick up a compactor

    SmartTrash records every compactor cycle and reads all the relevant data generated by the machine’s operation. Based on this information and the “smart” analysis performed by SmartTrash itself, it is easy to determine when a pickup order should be generated and sent to the hauler.

  • Confirming and Closing out the haul order

    SmartTrash automatically ensures that your compactor was actually emptied. This allows the pickup order to be closed out and the date and time of the service to be entered into the system.

Save Time

SmartTrash eliminates the need for your staff to physically check on the compactor for fullness, reduces needs for them to schedule hauls, and with the added benefit of our reporting suite, you will have access to standard and bespoke reports to show your collection dates and weights – an essential for bill validation, usage by day/night, and environmental and cost savings reports.

Save Money

By installing the SmartTrash monitor and optimizing compactor pickups without causing “pack-outs” or unnecessary hauls, expensive transportation costs can be reduced. SmartTrash offers a simple and reliable solution which has been proven to save our customers a minimum of 25% on their waste disposal and recycling expenditure.

Save the Planet

We are committed to the principle of operational efficiency and reducing transport costs, traffic, fuel and pollution. SmartTrash® can easily achieve this by eliminating unnecessary hauls, reducing your organization's carbon footprint and meeting your sustainable goals.

The SmartTrash System

SmartTrash Monitor

Monitors your compaction equipment remotely using integrated wireless communications.

Haul Sensor

Included with SmartTrash Monitor and is mounted on the compactor container.

  • Monitor Installation and Set up (more...)

    The SmartTrash compactor monitor hardware is installed on or near the compactor’s control panel. It will time-stamp, record and analyze all of the compactor activity: how hard and how frequently the compactor is working including energy utilization, directional valve shifts, safety door switch activations and the pick up and return of the compactor.

  • Real-Time Data Feed (more...)

    Compactor data from the Monitor is relayed to our Data Center and uploaded into our SQL Database Management Software, where it is processed and evaluated by SmartTrash software. SmartTrash techncians calibrate your monitor so it can automatically check fullness and performance to make sure your compactor is emptied “just in time”.

  • Unique Data Solutions (more...)

    SmartTrash is the only waste management system offering a full range of data mining and control features. All of the data is stored and backed up on our server, allowing us to create custom reporting on the savings, weights achieved and the detailed activity of your compactor.

    In addition to compactors, SmartTrash can be used on balers, trash chutes, lifters, conveyors and scales. Whether you want to limit access, count bales, troubleshoot equipment problems, optimize pickups or simply make sure your container is never overweight, SmartTrash can provide you the solution.

  • API connectivity

    SmartTrash provides a robust Application Programming Interface (API) which allows customers' business systems to interface directly with SmartTrash, saving customers valuable time on data entry. For example, using the API, customers can easily program their business systems to retrieve status information (e.g. equipment status, pickup order status) from SmartTrash directly into their business systems, or they can configure their systems to transfer data such as weight tickets directly into SmartTrash.

    Contact us for more information about this powerful feature.

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